Blackthorn for weddings and parties

Mannie, Fergus, Sarah and Jacqy 2016
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Mannie, Fergus, Sarah and Alex 2011
Mannie, Fergus, Sarah and Barry 2013

Blackthorn at Bath Folk Festival 2012

Mannie, Fergus, Sarah, Alex and Kat

Blackthorn at Sidmouth Folk Festival 2006

Mannie, Fergus, Sarah, Alex, Philippe and Ollie

Our current album "The River That Runs Below" was released on Aug 4th 2008 on the Hobgoblin Records label. We also have the very popular "Far from Home" album from 2004, and a Demo CD for weddings and corporate events which does include material not available elsewhere.


Far From Home 2004

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Dance of the Honeybees | Snowy Path - Foxhunter’s Jig | Mountain Road - Cooleys - Jacksons | Old Hag You Have Killed Me - Shandon Bells | Far From Home - Foxhunter’s Reel | Women of Ireland/The Legacy | The Boy in the Gap - Jacksons Reel | Homebrew - Homeruler - Kitty’s Wedding | Tommy Bhetty’s Waltz - The Munster Cloak | The Maid Behind the Spinning Wheel - Old Blackthorn | Kerry Polkas | Nine Points of Roguery - The Star of Munster

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The River That Runs Below 2008

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John’s Reels | Johnny Sands - Congress Reel | Spailpin Fanach - Hamilton House | Gander in the Pratie Hole - Humours of Ballymore | Lad o’ Beirnes - Branholm | The Neat Little Bunch of Rushes | Sleep Soond - Galley Watch - Spirit of Whisky | Obsessive Island - Rolling Waves - Stan Chapman’s | Starling on the Wall - Miss Monaghan - Ladies Pantalettes | Johnny Leary’s Polka - The Maid of Ardagh | Banks of Loughgowna - Roaring Barmaid - Burke’s Reel | The Banks of the Sweet Primroses | Evening Star - Junior Crehan’s - Reavy’s No. 9 | London Lasses - The Torn Jacket

Download now from Amazon £7.49

Function Demo CD

£5.00 - free if you are thinking of booking Blackthorn
Dance of the Honeybees | Mountain Road Set -reels (live at Sidmouth) | Whiskey in the Jar | Claire Mann Jigs | Far From Home - Foxhunter’s Reel | Shaalds of Foula / Glasgow City - jigs (live at Sidmouth)| Sleep Soond - Reels (live at Sidmouth) | Wild Mountain Thyme